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Harmony Hollow TD Wedding Belll

The TD Wedding Bell

This is the TD Wedding Bell. It is made up of a 731 (high pitch) Bell and an SA7 (low pitch) bell, two of our most popular small bells.

Each Wedding Bell comes with a printed tag with the following message:

This Harmony Hollow double bell is symbolic of your marriage. The two bells have different vibrations representing your distinct personalities. Each bell has its own unique tonal qualities that blend together with the other to create harmony. The bells are joined together by a single design that symbolizes the union of two independent people into a harmonious couple. The bells are guaranteed to ring in clear and pure vibrations for you for the next 350 years, amplifying and reflecting your commitment to each other.

Congratulations. May the vibrations from these bells reflect your own happiness and love.

Our Wedding Bells, mounted together on one bracket are beautiful symbols of the marriage of two people. The triangular bracket is symbolic of nature's most stable form.

The hanger, reminiscent of the ancient Chinese symbols Yin and Yang, (the complementing male and female elements), mirrors the concept of two people united in love.

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2 1/2 lbs. - Length 23"