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Harmony Hollow Chimes Information

Harmony Hollow Windchimes are created from either solid aluminum rods, solid brass rod, or brass tubing. The windchimes are available in different finishes, depending on the chime. Customers select our motifs to customize the windchimes, all of which have that unmistakable hand-made look. We offer generic motifs such as the circle or triangle for a windvane, but most people seem to prefer more distinctive motifs, such as the hummingbird or kokopelli. All chimes come boxed, as do the mobiles.

The suspension holes drilled into the tubes and rods are located at nodal points, that area of a vibrating tube where there is no vibration. This way the cord does not dampen the sounds and the tubes don't slowly eat into the cord.

All of the tubes and rods on all our chimes are deburred to remove any sharp edges where the cord passes through the tube; this protects the cord. We also use non-slip knots, and then weld the knots together with a hot knife. With the many precautions we take, the cord becomes virtually indestructible. All chime cord is specially custom-made for Harmony Hollow, using an inert polypropylene that is totally resistant to mold, mildew, or rot. The cord is unaffected by acids, including acid rain, and uses just the right amount of ultraviolet inhibitor to prevent cracking from sunlight. There's also a strengthened core, with a tightly woven outer sheath for abrasion resistance.

By the way, this is the same type of cord used by the U. S. Coast Guard (made by the same company) for their life preservers and life rafts. The only differences are slightly different cord diameters, and the fact that our cord has slightly better abrasion resistance. All our chimes ring nicely in a five-to-six mile-an-hour breeze, whereas our bells require a nine-to-ten mile-an-hour breeze.

Our Wave Chimes and Eclipse Chimes are made of one-half inch diameter, anodized aluminum, with identical tuning. They are assembled with plastic-coated stainless steel leader, crimped to hold them together-extremely weather-resistant. The one difference between the Wave and Eclipse is the hanging bracket. The Wave is a curved design, resembling a wave. The Eclipse derives its name from the way its circular form waxes and wanes as it rotates in the wind.

Both come in three styles-with basic hook, with motif top, and a third, more exotic style, with either design on a mobile. All Wave and Eclipse chimes feature windvanes that are connected to center rods. When the wind catches the windvane, it moves the center rod, ringing the entire chime. Both chimes produce very pleasant, high-pitched tones, which are quite resonant for their size. Like all our chimes, the Wave and Eclipse designs are made for continuous outdoor use.

The Meditation Chime is another of our small chimes. These are made of solid brass rods, with a choice of windvane motif. These feel quite substantial, and yet create a subdued sound that won't annoy anyone's neighbors. We sometimes call them "condo" chimes. These come in two finishes; the verdi patina or natural brass finish-with the verdi patina being the most popular.

The Serenity Chimes and the Serenity with crystal, are three-quarter inch, solid aluminum rods that are extremely resonant, and durably assembled with our specially-made polypropylene cord. Like the Meditation chimes, these chimes feature the Yin and Yang clappers or strikers, which ensures that the sound vibrations originate from a source of harmony.

The Serenity chime features a swirling star hanging bracket, symbolic of the heavens, which is also used on the Harmony chimes. Serenity chimes, probably the most resonant aluminum windchimes made anywhere, produce a higher frequency sound, which many people love.

The chimes come finished in a golden color with or without a quartz crystal. Some people like the decorative quality of the quartz, while others are attracted by the New Age associations with healing vibrations. The naturally durable crystal is further protected from the elements by a strong copper wire wrap.

The blue Harmony Chimes are our most popular chimes, and we offer these in three different sizes, with choice of motif. There's the 5:11 or small size, which produces a lighter pitched sound, the medium-sized, medium-pitched 5:20, and the 5:30 large size, with the deepest pitch of the three. As the chime tubes get longer, the pitch deepens, and the longest ones sound remarkably like church bells that are a couple of blocks in the distance. These pure brass chimes are blue in color, though they darken over the years as natural weathering affects the coloration of the brass.

The Love Chime comes in either natural brass (a gold effect) as well as verdi blue, our most popular color. The Love Chime is a highly resonant, very loud chime-truly the Rolls Royce of brass chimes in terms of its resonance, clear pitch, volume, and overall quality of construction. The solid brass chain suspension is made with specially-designed tubing, in which the exact degree of hardness, temper, and alloy composition is balanced in order to produce the Love Chime's unique tones.

Everything is silver-soldered for maximum durability, and a ball bearing swivel arrangement ensures that the Love Chimes rotates freely, producing a lovely series of tones in a prevailing wind.

The Love Chime's heart-shaped hanger is angled to produce an interesting visual effect no matter where the chime hangs. The overall effect of the hanging bracket is that of a sculptured image rotating freely in the wind and casting interesting shadows in the sunlight.

The clapper is connected to the windvane via a brass driver rod, providing excellent clapper sensitivity. Only a light breeze is required to drive the clapper into the tubes.

The Musical Motif is our newest chime, and is available in any of our motifs, in the verdi patina. These are popular because there is a large motif image, lots of sound, an economical price and solid construction. The Musical Motif features four 1/2" diameter, tuned aluminum rods, suspended from stainless steel wires. This popular chime does not require a bottom windvane, because the rods are hung closely together.