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Mother's Day Wind Chimes

Mother's Day Wind Chimes

Our Mother's Day Wind Chimes, just in time for May.

Each chime comes with a tag that reads:

When I hear the bell, my heart remembers you and the Mother's love you expressed in countless ways over endless days. I hear your voice soothing hurts, reading stories, sharing memories. I recall with childish pleasure parties and presents and goodnight kisses. But most of all I cherish how you taught me to live in the world, gave me freedom to grow and the desire to learn and wise counsel when I faltered. On this day set aside to celebrate Mothers, I ring the bell in honor of you, offer heartfelt thanks for attentions you lavished on me, and promise to use all you gave me wisely and well, as a testament of my love for you.

Weight: 1lb.
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