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Harmony Hollow Serenity Chimes

Harmony Hollow Serenity
and Crystal Serenity Wind Chimes

With your choice of Motif

The Serenity Chimes sound a clear resonant timbre distinct from any other chime. Each aluminum chime rings a pure brilliant note of its own, while together they produce a serenely relaxing harmony. Available with natural quartz crystal (not shown), and your choice of motif. Length 30".
To specify your motif, note it in the PayPal Options at checkout, or call us at 800 468 2355.
Weight: 3.2lb. (With and without crystal)

Hear the Serenity Chimes

Serenity Windchimes - $103.00

Serenity Windchimes with Crystal - $120.00
(not shown)