Harmony Hollow Bell Works 800 468 2355 Established in 1969

About This Site / Credits

Animated cat motif

harmonyhollow.com was created in 1996 by the MondoDyne Web Works, a nom-de-net of Mike Gould, and Boy Howdy, was this a fun project! Sounds, animations, copywriting, html galore; this is what brings joy to a WebMeister's convoluted heart. The site has been completely re-built several times since then.

Whenever possible, graphic elements were taken from the bells themselves. The logo lettering on the Front Page is filled with a scan of bell patina. Patina scans also found their way into many of the page backgrounds. Dividers were made from modified scans of chimes, bell chain and mobile support wires.

The animations were made from scans of motifs.

Nice picture of Cloud 1Ø Recording Studio here

Sound recording was performed at Cloud 1Ø Recording (pictured above), via a variety of mics into a Tascam DA-30 DAT recorder. Editing software was Sound Edit 16 from MacroMedia, and later, Bias Peak

No spiders were harmed in the preparation of this Web space!