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Dancing Garden Motifs

Peace Small Dancing Garden Motif We make two sizes of regular decorative stakes: the larger Garden Motifs and the smaller Dancing Garden Motifs; both are suitable for year-round outdoor use. We also make 3D versions of several of the Dancing Garden Motifs.

garden stakes To the right you can see a comparison of the large vs. small Dancing Garden Motifs, featuring our Wolf motif. The Large stake is approximately 39" tall by 15" wide, and the small is around 30" by 8". There is considerable variation in these widths.

3D Small Dancing Garden Motifs are mounted on one-eighth inch diameter brass rod, and these brass motifs sway and bob in the slightest breeze. (Just ask our photographer, who had quite a time getting them to stand still long enough for a portrait!)

Iridescent Sun Garden Motif The Large Garden Motifs are more robust; larger motifs supported by a stiffer three-eighths inch diameter copper stake. Most, but not all of the motifs are available in both sizes, and all are available in the smaller size. If you are interested in a large stake, please contact us to see if your motif is in stock.

3D Angel Dancing Garden Motif 3D Small Dancing Garden Motifs are designed to be placed in the open, where they can dance in the breeze. Large Garden Motifs are designed to be placed in bushes or hedges, where stake is not visible, but the motif is seen as an cat, for example, leaping among the branches.

The brass motifs are slightly rounded in cross-section, giving them depth which adds to their visual appeal and wind-catching abilities. Some of the more elaborate stakes feature several elements soldered together.

We also feature unique iridescent and speckled patina finishes, available with some of our plant stakes. Because of our exclusive coating processes, each Garden Motif is slightly different; this means that each one is a unique piece of art, and that the patterning on your stake will differ slightly from what is shown.

Iridescent Hummingbird

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Patina Hummingbird

The large patina brass garden motifs are available in all of our motifs on three-eighth inch diameter copper stakes. The garden motifs create an interesting effect in hedges or bushes, especially with some of the animal motifs, creating the illusion of a frog jumping out of the bushes, or a cat creeping on top of the shrubs.

Dancing Garden Motifs are smaller, more delicate animated versions of the garden motifs. They use one-eighth inch diameter brass rods, combined with our regular windvane-sized motifs. The thirty-inch long rods inserted in the ground create a peaceful image as they wave in the breeze. The Dancing Garden Motifs are ideal for use in a flower garden or walkway. They are also perfect for decorating a smaller garden.

Large Garden Motifs - $45.00 -- Dancing Garden Motifs - $29.50
3D Dancing Garden Motifs - $38.00

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