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The Harmony Hollow 350 Year Guarantee

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"Just Feed Them Wind"

Harmony Hollow bronze bells are made in the USA by pouring molten bronze into sand molds. The orignal design and special bronze alloy produce a beautiful rich tone that is unique to each bell.

We offer you this extremely high quality bell that you can enjoy for years and your family can enjoy for generations. It is designed to be durable and responsive to nature's pulse outside in any environment year round.

All our bells are guaranteed to ring and chime for 350 years, excluding the moving parts. The moving parts are all replaceable at a nominal cost.

From the guarantee card:

"Beware! the Harmony Hollow bell will amplify and reflect the good and bad deeds of its owner"

The 5000-year history of bells goes back to rattle-type bells and riveted sheet iron bells. When primitive craftsmen started melting and casting metal, larger and finer bells were made. Bell founders learned from one another as word passed down through centures of experimentation about thickness, diameter, and height ratios.

Old religions used windbells to protect their temples from demons. Evil spirits do not dwell near peace and tranquility. Harmony Hollow Bells are made from a special bronze alloy using the ancient sandcasting method. Jeff and Bradley Cross have designed them to ring pure and true vibrations for you.

There was an enchanting custom among medievel alchemists, those who knew about metals, fire spirits, reflections in crucibles, and so forth. Sometimes they would cast small bells and give them to their friends... or enemies. These magical bells would amplify and reflect that person's deeds... good or bad.

Harmony Hollow Bell Works - Established in 1969