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Harmony Hollow Keyrings

The pictures below are approximately life-size, and show both sides of each of our 3 Keyrings. Designed by Harmony Hollow founder Jeff Cross in 1971, these brass keyrings reflect his interests in Tarot and icons of the American Southwest.

The Cowgirl/2 Mules show a cowgirl at the barrel races, and the mules are portraits of mules Jeff owned at the time.
The Chalice/Passion Flower icons are from the Tarot.

The Tarot also inspired the ring on the right: The lute player accompanies the magician as he balances the positive and netative forces while walking the tightrope of life.

Cowgirl/2 Mules Keyring Chalice/Passion Flower Keyring Magician/Lute Player Keyring
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How Many?

How Many?