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Harmony Hollow Garden Lights

Harmony Hollow Brass garden lights

Harmony Hollow has an excellent line of landscape lighting. We offer a series of three low-voltage, incandescent path lights, which operate off a safe twelve-volt landscape light transformer. Each light has an eleven-watt bulb. These are made from our large bronze bells, mounted on handmade stakes, embellished with brass leaves.

The all-brass construction and original design make for very unique, unusual path lights and landscape lights. The sculpture is distinctive during the day, but is especially alluring at night, creating a romantic effect that is unavailable with any other light on the market.

The soft incandescent light reflects naturally off the green patina on the inside of the light fixture. This combination creates a soft, textured yellowish light that is very similar to candlelight. Outdoor vegetation and specimen plants are illuminated without reflections off of leaves, with no glaring "hot" spots.

There is a quality of light closer to a strong candlelight-created glow. We group the lights according to the area of light they produce. The C3 produces a circle of light approximately twenty feet in diameter-the D1 about twelve feet-and the MH6 throws a circle of light approximately six feet in diameter.

The Lights are on 1/2" brass tubing, with 4 leaves on each. The lights are 32" tall with a 10" spike that goes into the ground in addition to the 32".

These fixtures require a twelve-volt transformer to reduce house current down to a safe twelve volts DC. We've made installation easy with quick cable connections, and although we do sell the transformers and cable, those customers who already own transformers can easily incorporate our light fixtures into their existing system.

Bell Light Price
C3 $215.00
D1 $215.00
(Shown Above)

Because of the complexities involved, we ask that you Contact us for details about transformers, deck mounting, cabling, and ordering.