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Harmony Hollow Mobiles

Animation of Motif Mobile

All our mobiles feature brass rods and ball bearing swivels. They are durable enough to be used outside year-round, yet delicate enough to be used indoors where the slightest movement of air will cause them to revolve.

The mobile at left is the Mini Mobile with the Summerday motifs. This mobile is available with a large variety of motifs; you can see them at the Motifs Page.

If you would like different Motifs with your mobile, note them in the PayPal Options at checkout, or call us at 800 468 2355.

Name of Mobile Retail Price Picture
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731 Infinity Mobile

$99.00 731 Infinity Mobile

731 Mini Mobile

$127.00 731 Mini Mobile

Eclipse Chime Mini Mobile

$127.00 Eclipse Chime Mobile

Harmony Crystal Mobile

$175.00 Harmony Crystal Mobile

Mini Mobile

$92.00 Harmony Hollow Mini Mobile

Michigan Mobile

$92.00 Harmony Hollow Michigan Mobile

Petroglyph Mobile

With Crystals
$175.50 Harmony Hollow Petrogliph Mobile