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Wind Chime Replacement Wind Vanes

Harmony Hollow Wind Vanes

Wind chime wind catchers, windvanes, sails, they are all the same thing. The object that hangs at the bottom of a windchime, that in a breeze, moves the clapper to ring the chime.

These sometimes break off or the cord snaps off and the windcatcher is lost. We have a supply of windcatchers to be used as replacement for yours that is no longer. We have 2 sizes, large and small. Click here to see the vast selection of motifs for your new windcatcher. If you choose the shape or motif, price is $15 for the large, if we choose the shape price is $10. For the small size if you choose the motif $12, if we do $8. In all cases we include 2 brass chain links,one embedded in the windcatcher, and the other to attach to your cord. The double chain is crucial to maximizing the action of the windcatcher. If you are in need of cord, best to use is a mans dress shoelace, the skinny thin type.

All our windcatchers are solid brass, they never rust, crack, or need any type of maintenance. Shipping is $3 each.

We can also embed another brass chain link on the bottom of windcatcher, and then you can create a hanging sculpture with several connected that could function as a rain chain.

If you would like to order one of these, please call us at 800-468-2355 (HOT-BELL).