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Gardeners Gift Story Bell

The Harmony Hollow
Gardeners Bronze Wind Bell

This bell features our popular watering can motif. The Motif is hand made from brass, finished in a beautiful verdigris patina. A perfect gift for your gardening friends.

Each bell comes with a tag with the following message:

Gardeners Bell
It is universally believed that bells have forever driven away bad spirits and called upon good ones, and this GARDENER'S BELL is no exception By attracting the spirits of air (a soft breeze), of fire (warm sunlight), of water (rain plus a little help from the watering can), and of earth (rich soil), its pleasant vibrations are conducive to growing healthy plants. Moreover; this bell's melodic ringing puts anyone aspiring to a green thumb directly in touch with the natural rhythms of Mother Nature.

May you dance in her beautiful garden, rejoice in a bountiful harvest, and in so doing, may you cultivate your soul.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Figure $8.00 shipping charge to continental U.S. per bell or chime for the first item, and $2.75 for each additional item in the same package. Please contact us for additional shipping info.

Shown with an 731 bell, the Gardeners Bell is available with any of the bells listed below:

Bell Price Picture
(not to scale)
Sound Purchase
Gardeners Bell
$66.00 MLB Bell Hear the MLB

Gardeners Bell
(as shown)
$72.00 731 Bell Hear the 731

Gardeners Bell
$76.00 SA7 Bell Hear the SA7

Gardeners Bell
$82.00 A5 Bell Hear the A5

Out Of Stock

Gardeners Bell
$82.00 A6 Bell Hear the A6

Gardeners Bell
$98.00 B3 Bell Hear the B3

Gardners Bell
$108.00 C2 Bell Hear the C2