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Harmony Hollow Fiberglas Flagpole and Holder

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Harmony Hollow Flagpole

Here is the ideal way to display your spinners, bells, or chimes - or Old Glory, for that matter. Our pole measures 62.5 inches long, and is one inch in diameter. This is the strongest, most lightweight pole you can buy, suitable for supporting our heaviest products.

Cross-section of the Harmony Hollow Flagpole The secret to the incredible strength of this pole is shown at the left: a cross-section composed of the latest design in structural honeycomb, a Harmony Hollow exclusive. This, combined with the inherent strength and durability of fiberglass, results in a pole that will last a lifetime.

flagpole tip The pole is tipped with a varnished end-knob, and features a sturdy eyelet for securing flags, etc., when in the 45° mode.

Flagpole Holder

At the left is a close-up of the holder for this pole. This is made of sturdy cast aluminum, well suited for the rigors of the outdoors. This is configured so that you can mount the pole horizontally or at a 45° angle. This comes complete with 3 mounting screws, and has a securing thumbscrew mounted on the side to hold the pole firmly.

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